proHelp Accessibility

proHelp has taken steps to meet WCAG2.1 AA standards, along with ARIA 1.1 where appropriate.

Some of our CSS styling also uses the Canvas Theme colours, meaning that the colours your institution chooses must be tested for contrast compliance. These colours are applied to the hover of the proHelp icon and the inner pop-up links. 

proHelp is not a normal software solution, in that it sits on top of Canvas LMS web pages that have been developed by Instructure Inc. According the WCAG2.0, we are not allowed to identify our product at a full conformance level if it’s limited only to a partial part of a web page:

Accessibility Controls:

pro help icon rollover

The proHelp icon can be selected by the [Tab] key. Once selected, it can be opened either using the [Enter] or [Space] or [Down Arrow] keys.

pro Help pop up menu

The pop-up dialog focuses the user on the first menu item (Search Canvas Community).  From there you can [Tab] through each menu item and onto the listed links.

Once reaching the end of the items in the pop-up, users will be automatically looped back to the first item in the menu again. (Chrome and FireFox only.)

Users can exit at any time by pressing the [Esc] key, or selecting the close (X) menu item.

Once the pop-up is closed by pressing [Esc], or selecting the (X) menu item, users are focused back on the original proHelp icon.

proHelp is tested using:

  • JAWS
  • Keyboard
  • NVDA
  • aXe
  • Additional Manual Audits

If you have any issues or identify any bugs, please report them to