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proHelp is the essential self-help tool

proHelp plugs directly into Canvas LMS to provide a suite of tools to greatly improve the self-help environment.

proHelp analyses thousands of Canvas help documents and identifies the most useful to your needs. Critical help documents are matched with corresponding features within the Canvas LMS, and markers placed in precise locations containing direct links to official help documentation.

proHelp is easy to install with a single installation activating all teacher markers during the free trial.


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Intelligent Interface

Once installed, proHelp markers appear on most Canvas pages in precise and unobtrusive locations. When a marker is clicked, a pop-up box appears that contains a question, or questions, that provide direct links to answers in the relevant Canvas help pages.

These help “shortcuts” improve the efficient use of the LMS among educators and students, promoting self-sufficiency and reinforcing best practices.

Behind the scenes, proHelp systematically collects and collates data from LMS documentation, while the proHelp algorithm determines which help pages have been most accessed or changed. The top results are ranked, assigned to help markers, and matched with corresponding location in the Canvas interface so users can find help where it is most needed.

Screenshot of proHelp markers

proHelp Accessibility

proHelp has taken steps to meet WCAG2.1 AA standards, along with ARIA 1.1 where appropriate. proHelp is tested using:
Additional Manual Audits
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Responsive Design for small screens to correspond with Canvas’s responsive design. Top page help markers, now show as a bottom page help marker on small screens.
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