proHelp offers all subscribers support via our email and response within 24hrs during business days.

In the event of a critical issue, subscribers are advised to contact their proHelp representative directly and CC for the fastest response.

FAQ’s General

Will this work on Canvas Mobile App
No. Only the Canvas Browser instance.
Is proHelp an LTI, how is it installed?
No. proHelp is not an LTI. It’s called via the Canvas Theme Editor using Javascript.
Does proHelp have any limitations within the Canvas LMS?
proHelp is limited to core Canvas components. Some of Canvas components are LTIs and use iframes. Please ask if you are unsure if this affects you.
Does proHelp meet WCAG2.1 AA?
Yes, proHelp is officially ‘Partially Conformant’, as it is only a partial component of any web page viewed. More details are on our Accessibility page.
How secure are proHelp services?
With AWS we manage access using 2-Factor-Authentication and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to secure uploads and edits.

FAQ’s Basic Setup

proHelp marker fails to load.
Make sure you have updated the siteURL variable with the URL you are loading the script from.
proHelp Basic users only have access to the basic instance, attempting to load from our beta or production servers will fail. Mark sure you are loading the correct script at:
I use a custom URL that does not match the format: []
Custom URLs are not supported in our Basic instance.
I tried to load: prohelp-canvas-auto.js in my browser but I get a 403 error, request blocked.
The proHelp scripts can only be loaded from within your Canvas site. You will need to use the JavaScript provided in the Canvas theme for it to load correctly.

Release Notes

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