Software and Services Agreement

Cover Page

Parties (Licensor, Licensee)

  • Name, ABN, Address
  • Licensee
  • Name, ABN, Address


  • Commencement Date
  • Term
  • Options to extend


  • Short Description

Prolaunch Contact

Licensee Contact


Both Parties agree to Terms & Conditions


Schedule 1

Agreement Particulars

License Fee

Price Adjustment

Prorating of Fees and Credits

Invoicing and Payment

Disputed Invoices


The fees are inclusive of all taxes other than GST.

Initiating a License

Schedule 2

Service Level Agreement

Details the:
level of support we offer
Support timeframes
Support levels/Tier
How issues are escalated up
Service up time
Security of data
Disaster recovery
What happens when the service is down, how we communicate with clients.
If we detect a security breach how do we inform clients, and any action taken.
Remuneration stages (when/how it kicks in)


The Licensor will make available ticket-based technical support to two individuals designated by the Licensee. These individuals are known as “Authorised Support Persons.” Under this license, Affiliates of the Licensee must channel all technical support questions related to the Service through the Authorised Support Persons, the latter of which must make a good-faith effort to answer such questions before submitting a support ticket. It is up to the discretion of the Licensor to provide phone support in certain instances.


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