proHelp launches ‘Student Progress’ feature for Canvas teachers

New help tools boost Canvas productivity


Oct 8, 2020 — Prolaunch has added a major component to its suit of Canvas productivity tools, proHelp Analytics, delivering targeted reports on student behaviour across the entire Canvas instance.

At its core, proHelp Enterprise provides contextual help markers for teachers, administrators and students that contain a question, or questions, linking directly to Canvas documentation relevant to that page. These contextual markers enable teachers and students to find help quickly where help is needed most.

proHelp Analytics identifies roadblocks in the efficient use of Canvas LMS such as where students require the most help. Is there enough help available? proHelp Analytics is now available in a monthly report available to proHelp Enterprise subscribers.

proHelp records specific data points, providing the ability to track a wide variety of variables on broad user behaviour. Our custom analysis can identify several key indicators on where to best focus your training or up-skilling efforts and track the effect on those training efforts over time.

Over the past year, we have been working hard to add additional features to proHelp, including the ‘Student View Anywhere’ button which provides teachers with a ‘Student View’ button on virtually every page of the Canvas LMS. Instead of navigating back to the Home page to turn on Student View, the teacher can now switch to Student View from virtually anywhere and view the corresponding Student page.

proHelp​ also offers teachers easy access to Student Progress Data, which are helpful for large classes when tracking student progress.

We have also updated proHelp to meet WCAG2.1 AA standards, along with ARIA 1.1 where appropriate.

We are continually updating contextual markers for admins, teachers and students. proHelp systematically collects and ranks data from Canvas official documents and determines which help pages are most in demand. These are matched with corresponding locations in Canvas to make finding help easy.

Installing proHelp into Canvas can help reduce support calls and queries from students, and updates teachers on new features and best practices.

proHelp Basic can be downloaded for free from the proHelp website and provides help markers for all teachers. Subscribing to proHelp Enterprise unlocks all help markers for teachers, administrators and students.

proHelp Self Hosted offers institutions the opportunity for strict security and deployment protocols to be implemented easily.

Installation download and instructions are available here.

Mark Van de Velde

Brian Dentry
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